First face-to-face global leadership team meeting since the global pandemic

The worldwide management team of Piller Power Systems met for two days of in-person meetings, the first as a team since the beginning of the global pandemic, at the company’s headquarters in Osterode, Germany.

Piller country MDs, business unit and sales directors held a series of management meetings on the company’s next wave of innovation and defining the growth strategy of the business.

Osterode, in Lower Saxony, Germany sits on south-western edge of the Harz Mountains. To conclude the meetings the next day, the management team hiked up the Brocken Mountain, the highest peak in the range, and in Northern Germany, at 1,141 metres (3,743 ft).

Piller leadership team’s first physical gathering since the pandemic. Left (from bottom to top). Dean Richards, President Piller USA Inc; Andrew Vellender, Business Director Piller India; Daniel Bianconi, Sales Director, Piller Germany; Lanfranco Pedrotti, MD Piller Italia; Tomas Arlegui, MD Piller Iberica; Jonathan Davis, MD Piller Australia; Frank Brühne, Head of Service Piller Germany. Right (from bottom to top) Guillaume Lafont, MD Piller France; Mark Lee, MD Piller UK; Zaki Slgini, Director Piller Group; Palaniappan Muthuraman, Business Director Piller Singapore Pte; Andrew Dyke, Managing Director Global Business Piller Group; Jack Pearce, CEO Active Power; Dieter Tolsdorf, Sales Director Piller Germany; Dr Detlev Seidel, Managing Director Operations, Piller Group.
The team at the summit having covered more than 16.5km to an elevation of 700m.

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