How hybrid microgrids are revolutionising the mining industry

Africa’s mining industry faces a pivotal moment on its journey to sustainability.

A 2022 study by law firm Bird & Bird reports that the cost of electricity generation in mining can account for 35% of project costs and that a full 50% of the electricity production in Sub-Saharan Africa is allocated to mining projects.

To address the challenges of growing power demand and transition to independent sustainable power sources, mining companies are turning to microgrid infrastructure for energy security.

Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions Division, integrates Bergen Engines, Marelli Motori, and Piller Power Systems technologies to offer scalable power solutions that allow mining companies to switch between intermittent renewables and engine-based power generation while maintaining frequency and voltage.

The features of the Bergen Engines B series engines, Marelli Motori alternators and Piller Integrated Power Conditioning and Stabilisation (IPCS) and energy storage solutions meet mining operator needs for industrial microgrids for reliability and sustainability.

Microgrid infrastructure combined with sustainable power sources, is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of Africa’s economies, particularly in the mining sector. It’s a step forward toward more reliable and eco-friendly energy solutions in the heart of Africa’s industrial landscape.

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