NEXTDC recognised for APAC’s most reliable data centre

Piller is proud to congratulate NEXTDC for receiving the prestigious accolade of operating “APAC’s Most Reliable Data Centre” in the 2020 APAC Business Awards.

NEXTDC, the independent operator of Tier III and Tier IV data centres across Australia, was the first data centre provider in the APAC region to deploy Piller’s large scale UNIBLOCK™ UPS using the Isolated Parallel Bus (IPBus) solution.

The Piller UNIBLOCK™ UPS in an IPBus scheme has been described by NEXTDC as the heart of their data centres and as the ‘best quality, most advanced technology available on the market.

The IP-Bus system provides a scalable redundant UPS scheme in a concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant configuration that provides additional redundancy and is the world’s first N+1 Uptime Tier IV isolated parallel bus distribution system.

Working closely with partners and alongside the client, Piller was an integral part of the project team tasked with providing the highest levels of protection and reliability.

Each Piller UPS within the NEXTDC facility is located within its own fire segregated room. The Electrically Coupled (EC) UPS system runs using the Powerbridge™ energy store operating within helium gas and on magnetic bearings for high efficiency and in this configuration is battery free, although Li-Ion or VRLA battery-backed options are also available.

The system is electrically decoupled from the generators, providing both reliability and concurrent maintainability benefits as they are far easier to maintain than other UPS which adds to the site’s reliability credentials.

The IP-system is ideal for large scale electrical infrastructure investment that require the highest level of protection. The system also reduces the number of redundant units and avoids running units on standby compared to traditional Static UPS or Mechanically Coupled (MC) Diesel Rotary UPS configurations.

The IP-Bus system provides a redundant UPS scheme that is scalable to tens of Megawatts in a single ring. Plus the sky has no limit when deploying multiple rings – 300Mw is easily achieved with fewer more reliable EC UPS systems, offering low cost per MW capex and lowest total cost of ownership.

Operating within NEXTDC’s data centres since 2011, UNIBLOCK™ UPS infrastructure supports NEXTDC’s commitment to reliability, and redundancy to deliver its world class services.

Jonathan Davis, MD, Piller Australia, said: “This award adds to the recognition by the Uptime institute of NEXTDC’s use of the IPBus technology in the Product Solutions category for the APAC region in the 2015 Brill Awards. The commitment of NEXTDC to its customers to ensure reliability, sustainability and efficiency is also a commitment to invest in the most reliable UPS technology available. Piller is proud to partner NEXTDC in achieving these objectives.”

Watch an example of one of our most reliable ups solutions in action here

NEXTDC B2 Brisbane Data Centre

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