Piller Group honours long-serving employees with anniversary celebration of dedication and commitment

With long years of service being the norm rather than the exception, Piller celebrates enduring loyalty of its people

Piller, the Germany headquartered global sustainable power infrastructure manufacturer honoured the work anniversaries of a class of longstanding team members by celebrating their commitment and continued dedication to being part of the Piller family.

Recently 18 members of the Piller team were honoured for their many years of service, skills, expertise, long term dedication and teamwork.

Within Piller loyalty is highly valued and the company recognises and celebrates the longevity of its employees. Piller’s greatest asset is individuals who take responsbility, apply their craft and combine to create success. Their application and expertise is reflected in the mutual long term commitment of Piller and its people to delivering continuous techncial and engineering advances.

Dr Detlev Seidel, Managing Director Operations of the Piller Group, expressed his thanks to the employees celebrating their jubilee. “The loyalty of long-serving employees is the backbone and capital of our company. Especially in today’s times, which are characterised by short term thinking and a shortage of skilled workers, loyalty has a special significance.”

“Our appreciation goes to our employees celebrating their jubilee. They have made a significant contribution to the success of the company with their experience, commitment and expertise. They are also role models for our junior staff in difficult times. Their knowledge and skills have contributed to Piller being in such a good position today.”

Works Council Chairman Ingo Schlange and Human Resources Manager Heinrich Kratz echoed the thanks and recogition of the team achievement and added their congratulations.

After a guided tour of the Luisenhall Saline in Göttingen, the last operating commercial pan boiler plant in Europe, the jubilarians were invited to dinner at the Hotel Freizeit In.

Team member partners also attended the anniversary celebration.

Piller is headquartered in Osterode, near Hanover, Germany, with subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Piller’s Osterode factory and purpose built assembly and testing facility at nearby Bilshausen, Germany are state-of-the-art. Piller products are precision engineered with a high degree of workmanship. This requires strong technical expertise among the engineers, which is associated with a high level of individual responsibility, teamwork and long-term employment.

Piller employs over 1,000 people across the world in more than 50 countries. Piller is fully committed to finding, nurturing and developing the best new talent. Piller’s success is built with inclusivity, diversity and equality by providing opportunities for all.

In engineering, research, manufacturing, service and support Piller employees have access to the best training and education for long term career development.

About Piller

Piller was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1909 by engineer Anton Piller. Employing around 1000 people worldwide, Piller is headquartered in Osterode, near Hanover, Germany, with subsidiaries across Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Piller occupies a unique position, being the only company to produce both types of electrically coupled UPS technologies and with kinetic energy storage or battery options. The company also manufactures aircraft ground power units, 50/60Hz frequency converters, static transfer switches and specialist marine generators. With more than 7000 kinetic energy storage devices and over 6000 high power UPS units installed, Piller has more than 300 service personnel taking care of clients across 24 countries. The Piller group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings Plc. In 2016, Piller acquired Active Power Inc., the flywheel energy storage specialist.

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