Piller trademarks new e-VENTLOG™ system to cut on-site visits

Benefits include reduced need for physical presence and extended service intervals for UPS deployments

Piller, the global power protection leader, is pleased to announce a trademark for e-VENTLOG™ its innovative communication system and process which uses extensive operational monitoring data to cut on-site visits for annual servicing of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

e-VENTLOG™ was designed to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for physical interventions in the servicing of its advanced UB-V Electrically Coupled Uninterruptible Power Supply (EC UPS) product series.

In some conditions, the e-VENTLOG™ system can extend the need for servicing to five years. This compares with strict annual or even twice yearly servicing regimes required by some UPS systems.

e-VENTLOG™ uses data from constant monitoring of multiple parameters to safeguard the satisfactory operation of the UPS.

Data such as operating parameters, systems events, room conditions, internal temperatures and, switching cycle are measured and stored over time producing a pack of digital information unique to every UPS unit.

Data packs can be produced annually as part of a routine service cycle or more regularly according to client needs.  If an abnormality occurs outside of this cycle, a connected UPS will raise an alarm and transmit an interim data pack.

Data packs are examined at the Piller Service Centre, where inspection is conducted by trained technicians to assess operating conditions, operational history and the life cycle state of key components.

From this analysis, the client is provided with a Verification report, advising on the status of the UPS and any preventative actions required.

This ‘data pack’ can either be automatically transmitted to the Piller Service Centre by secure e-mail or can be downloaded directly at the UPS.

A complete service arrangement is available exclusively for the UB-V EC UPS series under the Piller Unity Service Pack which combines a comprehensive service agreement with e-VENTLOG™ data management and emergency call-out services.

Quote: From hospitals to airports to data centres UPS systems protect the power delivery to critical services on which people and businesses rely every day. Using technology to gather and share data on how these vital machines are operating, without the need to physically visit the locations, provides huge benefits. Not having to take units off line, even for several years, means improved safety and better security. This is especially useful in shared data centre and other secure environments where access is sensitive

Author: Andrew Dyke, MD Global Business Piller

Download: Eventlog Flyer

For more information email: UBVseries@piller.com

About Piller

Piller is a global watch-word in power protection equipment for mission-critical power applications. Piller’s clients include many of the world’s leading banking and finance, data hosting & IT, communications, manufacturing and governmental entities. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1909 by Anton Piller, in 1919 the company moved to its current headquarters and production site in Osterode-am-Harz, near Hanover. Today, Piller has a second production facility at nearby Bilshausen and serves its global markets via own sales and service subsidiaries throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia and elsewhere in the world via a network of distributor partners. In 2016 Piller acquired Active Power, the Austin Texas-based flywheel UPS specialist. The Piller group employs around 1000 people worldwide. Piller is a subsidiary of the diverse, privately owned engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.

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