Piller UPS Chosen by US Semiconductor Manufacture

Piller Power Systems has successfully implemented advanced UPS technology at a prominent North American semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant, as part of phase one of a major construction project. The company supplied five UB-V 2700KW UPS units, providing over 12MW of protection to the critical load operating at 24KV Medium Voltage Level. The UPS energy store, a PB60 Kinetic Flywheel, was chosen for its environmentally friendly and efficient energy storage capabilities, ensuring carbon-free storage with minimal maintenance over decades.

Additionally, Piller provided Dual Redundant System Controls with concurrent maintainability system and switchgear design. This power protection initiative is part of a multi-billion dollar manufacturing production development aimed at significantly increasing production capacity for next-generation semiconductor wafers used in applications such as electric vehicles and charging stations.

Aligned with the 2022 US CHIPS Act, which aims to strengthen the country’s semiconductor infrastructure manufacturing base, Piller’s swift response to the project’s Phase 1 requirements showcased its design and deployment capabilities. The project supports the broader goal of maintaining the US’s leadership in new technologies, especially in semiconductor production crucial for electrification and digitalization-driven economic prosperity.

Piller’s strategic approach, which omitted battery backup and associated control infrastructure, resulted in a reduced physical footprint. The deployment of UPS units, switchgear, and flywheel units away from the main building shell in secure enclosures demonstrated the company’s flexibility and efficiency. With decades of proven experience globally, Piller continues to excel in providing power protection and management for sensitive electronic component and advanced semiconductor manufacturing environments.

About Piller

Piller was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1909 by engineer Anton Piller. Employing around 1000 people worldwide, Piller is headquartered in Osterode, near Hanover, Germany, with subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Piller is committed to creating a sustainable future in mission-critical power protection, and energy storage.

The Piller group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc and is part of Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division.

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