The M+ 500 High-Density Modular Static UPS is here!

All New Hot-Swappable Static UPS for Data Centres

The Piller M+ 500 is a high-density modular static UPS with impressive best-in-class efficiency and high short circuit capability.

With its compact footprint, the M+ 500’s hot-swappable modular design allows for quick plug-and-play maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.

Its future-proof UPS design is modular and flexible, satisfying scalable power needs.

Each UPS M+ 500 50kVA / 50kW smart module is a fully configurable data centre back up and power protection solution.

Up to 10 hot-swappable modules can be stacked in a single system.

With around 96.7% efficiency the system’s output rated active power factor is 1 at (380V / 400V / 415 V). Input power factor is 0.99, Frequency tolerance  is 40-70Hz.

The Modular Static UPS M+ 500 is the perfect solution for protection of all types of IT workloads including High Performance Computing (HPC) and AI in Hyperscale, Colocation and Enterprise environments.

The system’s flexibility also makes it ideal for traditional and edge deployment.

High efficiency for mission-critical applications

High Reliability
High short circuit capacity duration provides high system protection. The modular, hot-swappable power module design ensures uninterrupted operations and reduces downtime.

Intelligent fan control and redundant design architecture maximises efficiency and lifetime further ensuring reliability.

Flexible Scalability
The system can be customised exactly to the power performance needs. As needs change, additional power modules can easily be added to deliver a greater power density in a compact footprint.

High Performance
Featuring a wide input voltage and frequency tolerance the system offers exceptional grid adaptability and battery life extension.

Power and Bypass modules are hot-swappable being replaceable with the UPS online and without bypass/offline operation.

Intelligent Control
The M+ 500 Intelligent Control system minimises the need for human intervention maximising efficiency and module life.

Smarter Service Worldwide!

Self-help hot swap modules

The M+ 500 hot swap architecture allows for module replacement without system shutdown, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation. Operator training can be provided for fast self-fix as part of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

SLAs available in range of levels

  • Service – provides a basic annual maintenance visit
  • Power Service – in addition to “Service”, provides emergency support 24/7
  • Power Service Advantage – in addition to “Power Service” provides the maximum level of support. It covers all costs for repairs, including travel, labour and parts (excluding battery systems)

Why Piller?

Piller’s static UPS systems are a vital component in ensuring reliable power for data centers and other mission-critical applications.

Their high efficiency, scalability and advanced monitoring capabilities make them an excellent choice for environments where power reliability is paramount.

Trusted by leading organisations, financial institutions, data centres, airports and military installations around the globe, Piller has been a leader in power protection for over 100 years. Our expertise and long-standing reputation in the industry underscore our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that keep operations running smoothly, no matter the challenge.

In addition to their superior performance, Piller’s static UPS systems are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. By utilising the latest in energy-saving technology, they help reduce carbon footprints and support green initiatives, making them not only a smart choice for reliability but also for environmental responsibility. This forward-thinking approach ensures that businesses can meet their power needs while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

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