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19 СЕНТ. 2023 Г.

Combined Heat and Power in data centres

13 СЕНТ. 2023 Г.

How to rewire Australia’s path to green power

27 ИЮЛ. 2023 Г.

Parent Company Interim Trading Statement Published Today

19 ИЮН. 2023 Г.

Italy’s largest solar panel maker 3Sun deploys Piller’s latest UPS technology

9 ИЮН. 2023 Г.

The Power of 10: Modular 10MW units that scale to 100MW+ for locally generated and conditioned power

15 МАЯ 2023 Г.

The Power of 10 lands at Datacenter World, Austin, Texas

21 ФЕВР. 2023 Г.

Parent Company Annual Report & Accounts 2022

1 ФЕВР. 2023 Г.

Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division launch The Power of 10.

5 ЯНВ. 2023 Г.

Piller wins ‘Future Proof Company’ award 3 years running

9 НОЯБ. 2022 Г.

New Managing Director for Piller Power India Pvt Ltd

28 ОКТ. 2022 Г.

Join us at DCD Connect São Paulo 2022

6 ОКТ. 2022 Г.

Hybrid Renewable Microgrid Solution